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Making of River Road

Here are some photos from behind the scenes of my river road shoot. Yes, with so much involved, from creating the script to producing, directing, editing, gaffer lighting, and camera angels, it can be difficult, but it is possible. You can do anything as long as you have that desire and determination. All you have to do is work hard and be dedicated.

This film is still in the works. I took a school short film and decided to turn it into a full feature film, so we’re continuing filming right now, and I’ll be posting additional still pictures after each new scene we shoot.

This scene happened in my garage. I gave it the appearance of a subterranean apartment. Juliette, my character, has recently inherited a country home and is currently relocating from Brooklyn to New Jersey.

Shooting scene up in the attic 

I put a fan in the attic to keep it cool, and I filmed at night since it was much cooler than it was during the day when the sun was shining directly on the roof over our heads, so I made the set more pleasant for myself and my talent.

The eerie crib startled us a little, but it was all part of the movie. Juliette is cleaning up her attic and comes across a newborn crib with a horrible doll laying inside.

Juliette discovers an antique book with chapters written by each person who has ever touched it in order to reveal their darkest secrets to the book, which feeds off of sins.

The antagonists of the film are the Dolls who govern the house. I’m not sure where I acquired these dolls, but I remembered having them up in the attic and thought they’d be perfect for our horror flick, so they were hired right away.

For this scene, an actress applies make-up to our talent. We multitask on set and are grateful that we were all able to work together to make this film a success. Collaboration

Here I am preparing for the park scene, which was shot in Jersey High Point State Park in early Spring when there were few tourists and the park was free to enter.

Scene in the mirror I had to learn how to do some special effects here because my talent was washing her hands after painting her new home, and her image remained in the mirror as she walked away. Spooky scene


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